Have you heard? Chrome Makes SharePoint Look Insecure OR Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint

It goes something like this…

Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint

Yesterday, I noticed that Chrome started to flag any access to SharePoint Online sites, including those for Delve and OneDrive for Business, as insecure (Figure 1). This is obviously a problem, so I reported the issue to Microsoft. I also raised the issue on Twitter to establish whether this was a common problem and received several responses that others had seen the same symptoms along with many observations as to the potential root cause. Original Post https://www.petri.com/chrome-makes-sharepoint-look-insecure

But the truth is…..    

I just tested this theory check out the time stamp in the lower right of the following screenshot…


And here is a screenshot of the full Certificate Chain using Chrome


To be fair Tony may have an editor or the Blog host may have held the post for a couple of weeks…. Though I have to say the blog post is much prettier than mine…








First Ever Live Office Bug Bash To Be Held On July 15, 2015 Report Bugs And Win Cool Prizes From the Microsoft Office Team


Mark your calendar for July 15 from 10am – 1pm PDT.

You can win Power chargers, USB slap bands, pre-paid run-me tags, universal USB adaptors, t-shirts, hats, stylus pens, Office O365 Pro Plus subscriptions with 25 seats, and lots more by reporting bugs.


Join the public O365 Network

Go to https://www.yammer.com/itpronetwork#/Threads/index?type=algo  and join the O365 Network

After Tuesday, July 14 search for the “Office 16 Bug Bash – July 15” Group. (NOTE: this group will not be public until after this date and requests will not be approved)


Beginning on July 15 @ 10am PDT, post your issue using one of the appropriate hashtags (aka Topics) below:

  • Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Visio, Project, Publisher, Setup, Localization, Install, General, Activation

Custom Testing Activities

Real Time Co-Authoring in Word – Load Testing – 10:00 – 1:00 pm PDT

This feature enables customers who are collaborating on a document to see text changes others are making as well as the location of their cursor within the document. Changes are displayed automatically as people use and update the document. This capability will be available when working in documents stored on OneDrive for Business and Office 365 SharePoint sites.

Localization Testing for European & Middle Eastern Languages. 10:00 – 1:00 pm PDT  and 4:00 – 6:00 pm PDT

Do you use localized versions of Office 16? Do you feel the language quality of the latest builds is good or do you feel it needs some improvement? Well now is your chance to let us know. You will be able to report localization issues in Office 16 for your language so that we can address them before it ships.

All we need during this time is for you to give us the following information:

  1. Office Product
  2. Office Version
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue
  4. Screenshot(s) of the problem
  5. Current offending translation
  6. Suggested improved translation


  1. This is focused on bugs only. If you have already reported an issue and it’s been closed as “Won’t Fix” or “By Design” do not report it again at this event.
  2. Each post/issue must be tagged (aka Topics) with at least one Topic (See Getting Started)
  3. Create a new thread for each issue
  4. DO NOT respond to a thread unless you are adding relevant information to that specific issue
  5. DO NOT initiate any private IMs with MS staff. We will get to your post as soon as possible.
  6. General forum rules and etiquette apply. Please play nice in the sandbox or we’ll have to send a note home to your mother.


Q: Who can join this Bug Bash?

A: Anyone with a valid Office 365 subscription that is running the Office 16 Preview bits. Click here to install the preview.

Q: Is this event under NDA or other disclosure restrictions?

A: No.

Q: Can I submit Android, Universal, Mac, or phone issues during this event?

A: No, this event is focused strictly on the desktop bits.

Q: How do I win some of the cool prizes?

A: Find and report a great bug during the bash. Prizes will be awarded based on severity and impact of the issues as determined by Microsoft staff. Prizes will only be awarded during the hours of the event.

Q: What are some of the cool prizes I can win?

A: Power chargers, USB slap bands, pre-paid run-me tags, universal USB adaptors, t-shirts, hats, stylus pens, Office O365 Pro Plus subscriptions with 25 seats, and lots more great stuff!


See ya onsite!!



SoCal Code Camp June 27th & 28th @ UCSD


REGISTRATION Please click here to register

imageMy first session Office 365 San Diego

Module 02 SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMENTS starts at 10:15 AM – Sunday, June 28, 2015

office 365 | Oauth | Azure

Location: UNEX 107

In this lab, you will create a cloud development environment and build a cloud-hosted app. The development environment will consist of a trial subscription to Office 365 and Azure. You will create apps that use both OAuth security and the cross-domain library. You will examine the security flow to better understand the available options

  • Configure Office 365 with a Developer Site and Product Catalog
  • Setup Azure with Active Directory
  • Understand the OAuth flow in a Provider-Hosted app
  • Understand how to use the Cross-Domain Library in a Provider-Hosted app

If you would like to create the apps as we complete the walkthrough and to get the most out of your session, please don’t forget to bring your laptop












Here are some personal items you will need to bring to the SoCal Code Camp.

  • Notebook computer
  • Computer power supply
  • Notebook and pen
  • Identification


My second session Office 365 San Diego Module:

04 – HOOK INTO OFFICE 365 APIS starts at 12:30 PM – Sunday, June 28, 2015

SharePoint Online | Outlook | One Drive | office 365 | MVC5 | Azure

Location: UNEX 107

In this lab, you will build an app “Research Tracker” that allows you to define new research projects in a SharePoint list, assign an owner, and create a project statement. The development environment will consist of a trial subscription to Office 365 and Azure. Specifically SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Outlook and an Azure Web


  • Learn to use Office 365 APIs in a web application
  • Understand how to register web applications in Azure Active Directory
  • Understand how to grant permissions to an application


  • You must have an Office 365 tenant and Microsoft Azure subscription to complete this lab (we will walk you through the creation of these).
  • You must have completed the lab associated with Module 02 SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMENTS


The hands-on lab includes the following exercises:

  • Prepare Data Sources
  • Create an MVC5 Web Application
  • Configure a Single Sign-On MVC5 Web Application

You can get started today by cloning  https://github.com/iasanders/DevCampTraining in Visual Studio 2013


Please stop by and check out our sponsors who help in making SoCal Code Camp available for free (also listed above)







Address: 9600 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA 92037
Latitude Longitude: 32.88198836404279,-117.24334180355072


There are some hotels close including (in no particular order) I would look at the
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
Sheraton La Jolla
San Diego Marriott La Jolla


In the Patio where check-in is there is Cafe Ole that has a wide variety of drinks and food. The student center may be open but most other food options are just down N Torrey Pines Road to La Jolla Village Drive then take a right on Villa la Jolla Dr and you will see many options for the next .5 mile

(A lot of people windup at Chipotle at 8657 Villa La Jolla as you can order online and have it waiting for you)


See ya there….


Office DEVCamp – Los Angeles June 16th, 2015 9am–5pm


Please join us for Office DevCamp on June 16th 2015,I look forward to seeing you there and bringing you new skills to add to your toolset..

Over 1 billion Office users in 147 countries are looking to increase their productivity. Want to break into this enormous market? Don’t miss the Office DevCamp, where we’ll learn how to build add-ins within Office applications as well as leverage the Office 365 & SharePoint APIs in our own web and native apps.  We’re going to explore the new Office 365 Add-in & API model and build out an end-to-end example in our own Office 365 environments. Not bad for a day’s work!  

Gear up and get building!

This is a jam-packed, one-day training course, bring your laptop with Visual Studio and you’ll get deep into the code. Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • Setting up your environment
  • Building Add-ins for Office
  • Building with the Office 365 APIs
  • Building native Android Apps with the SharePoint APIs
  • Building Add-ins for SharePoint

DevCamp must-haves
Note – this is a hands-on workshop. To get the most out of your session, please don’t forget to bring your laptop with Visual Studio 2013 installed.

This free event is brought to you by your local Microsoft office. Delegates are responsible, however, for booking and funding their own travel and accommodation, as required.

13031 W Jefferson Blvd
Suite 200 Los Angeles California 90094
United States

Click here to RSVP http://aka.ms/O365campLA



Ivan Sanders
SharePoint MVP / MCT

Blog: http://blogs.msmvps.com/ivansanders/

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Office 365 Is Here – Get Ready Today!

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Office 365 Is Here – Get Ready Today!

Office 365 is finally available and our customers want to ramp up quickly. Don’t miss all of the new resources below to learn how to effectively make the sale while shortening the learning curve.


Make sure to take our new customer-facing business value content with you on your next sales call.

Additionally, make it a habit to visit the new Quickstart. Your place for all Microsoft Office 365 Online Services Partner readiness resources.

Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2011 WPC 2011

WPC 2011 was a great success for Microsoft Office 365!

Missed WPC 2011 in person? You can still access all of the great Microsoft Office 365 session recordings and presentations by visiting www.digitalwpc.com! Highlights include:

  • Keynotes from Microsoft Office Division executives Kurt DelBene and Kirk Koenigsbauer
  • Microsoft Office 365 Partner Launch (find it here)
  • Key Office 365 sessions including:
    • Microsoft Office 365 Deployment (find it here)
    • Now is the Time to a Successful Cloud Business in SMB! (find it here)
    • Make $$$ in the Cloud with Managed Services (find it here)
    • How to Build a Successful Online Marketing and Sales Engine (find it here)

Congratulations to Microsoft partner Brian Cowie from Perspicuity!

Brian Cowie

U.K. partner Brian Cowie from Perspicuity won the Mini Cooper S Giveaway at the Microsoft Office 365 Partner Launch at WPC 2011!

Mini Cooper


Office 365 Training Training

Office 365 End User Training Kit
The Office 365 End User Training Kit contains all the content partners need to deliver a high-quality, instructor-led class called “Getting Started with Office 365.” This training adds value for your customers by easing their transition to Office 365 and demonstrating how Office 365 can accelerate their return on investment.

Windows Intune

Partner Readiness

   Windows Intune Partner Learning Path

Sales Training Sessions

   Introducing Windows Intune: Cloud Services and Windows 7 for PC Management (OLT)

   Selling Windows Intune to Small and Medium Businesses (OLT)

Technical Training Sessions

   A Technical Introduction to Windows Intune (webcast)

   Implementing and Supporting Windows Intune (webcast)

Partner Training Sessions

   Selling Windows Intune for VARs

   Selling Windows Intune for DMRs

   Selling Windows Intune for Distis

   Selling Windows Intune for LARs

   Windows Intune Licensing


Offers and Promotions Offers

New FY12 Online Services Advisor Fee Payment Structure
In FY12, there has been a change in the Online Services Advisor fee payment process and calculation. This change applies to customers purchasing directly from Microsoft Online Portal/Microsoft Online Customer Portal, with customers attaching a POR to the subscription.

FY11 Year-End Sell Fee (12%) Rollup Payment
To align with the new FY12 Online Services Advisor (OSA) Version 2 fee payment, Microsoft will be conducting a one-time exercise rollup payment for all FY11 unpaid sell fees (12%). Calculation is based on the remaining sell fees (12%) that are not paid to a partner in FY11 for a new subscription or net seat adds under the FY11 OSA Fee program. There will be no change in the (6%) management fee.

FY11 Year-End Sell Fee (12%) Rollup Payment for Cross Region
To align with the new FY12 OSA Version 2 fee payment, Microsoft will be conducting a one-time exercise rollup payment for all FY11 unpaid advisor fees (12%/6%) for cross-region sales. If an advisor has advised on a deal in another region, he or she will be entitled to earn the (12%/6%) fee. This advisor fee will be paid to the advisor in the currency in which Microsoft has invoiced the customer. For example, should an American advisor have advised on a deal in Japan, the American advisor will earn the (12%/6%) fee in Japanese yen. All unpaid cross-region sell fees will be paid to the advisor in August 2011.

The cross-region rollup also covers all unpaid fees that were previously excluded from cross-region subscriptions up through the end of FY11.

Share Your Thoughts About Office 365—On Camera
Office 365 is available now—tell us about the positive impact that Office 365 brings to your customers and to your business! Microsoft wants to hear your thoughts on Office 365— what it means in today’s economy and how you see Office 365 contributing to your future success.

To get started, just fill out the PR release form, and then submit it via fax at (425) 936-7329 or by email. When you’ve completed your video, upload it here.

We look forward to hearing your story!


Resources Resources

Newly Added Office 365 Content: July

Sales and Marketing
Key Office 365 Enterprise Customer Persona
Office 365 Value: Dated Environ Enterprise Persona
Office 365 Value: Google Compete Enterprise Persona
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Office 365 Value for Cost Saver Enterprise Persona
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Office 365 Customer Decision Framework
Accessing Office 365 Advisor Partner Features

Office 365 Enterprise Demo
Office 365 Demo Kit Enterprise #1:_Other Demo Docs
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Office 365 Demo Kit Enterprise #4: Additional Assets
BPOS to Office 365 Customer Transition Guide
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SharePoint Online Fabrikam Demo Setup Guide
Office 365 SharePoint Click-Through Demo and Guide

Partner Opportunity
MOSPA VL Addendum
Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement Guide
Office 365 Partner Demo Account
FAQ: Advisor Partners Transition to Office 365
BPOS to Office 365 Customer Transition Awareness
FY12 Online Services Advisor Fee Payment Structure
EA Online Services: Deployment FY12 Incentive Guide

New Microsoft Tool Assists Cloud Deployments
Learn how the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit makes it easy to assess your current IT infrastructure for a variety of technology migration projects. This Solution Accelerator provides a powerful inventory, assessment, and reporting tool to simplify the migration planning process.

Build a Profitable and Sustainable Microsoft Online Services Practice
The new Microsoft Partner Economic Model Tools are now available, and they are simpler, less time-consuming, and designed to help you generate profit-and-loss estimates for new business opportunities. They can also help you get answers to strategic business questions, such as:

  • How can we calculate financial information for new business opportunities?
  • How can we model our business profit and loss for future cloud solutions and services?
  • How can we evaluate on-premises and cloud services practice scenarios to determine our three-year growth plan?