Do NOT Install the April 2012 SharePoint CU, an update or re-release is underway

REPOST of Joelo based on info from Todd Klindt and Facebook

Do NOT Install the April 2012 SharePoint CU, an update or re-release is underway. It surprised me a little bit when I was browsing facebook and I happened onto the update in the SharePoint Updates FB group, and saw a post that said. Do not install the April 2012 CU, as a rerelease is underway. I didn’t recognize the name of the person posting the update, so I clicked on their name. He was a Microsoft PFE. So I tweeted the recommendation not to install the April 2012 SharePoint CU (both Foundation & Server). The group is a pretty obscure group with only 236 members:!/groups/sharepointupdates/ and not something I check regularly. No update from the MS SharePoint team blog.

This morning the Facebook message has been deleted, but both the SharePoint 2010 Foundation and SharePoint Server CU articles reflect that the bits have been taken down. Last night I tweeted that you shouldn’t install it based on a MS PFE Facebook update, and Todd Klindt pointed out that the KB had been updated. Thanks Todd. I guess that’s the message we get. They have taken them down for a technical issue.

Beeeeeeep. Your bits will be returned to their regular station after they fix a little issue. Do not look at the man behind the curtain. If you haven’t installed it yet. Don’t.

If you were testing it and getting ready to apply it. Stop testing it an update is on its way. I’m sure MS is really putting a lot of effort in a really quick turn around. Now none of this changes the fact that you should really only be installing these CUs unless they apply to something you need, especially now. Early in the product cycle there were some really critical things being fixed. SharePoint is pretty solid these days, so really the recommendation which hasn’t changed is to only install the CU if you were being impacted by something and need it.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 April 2012 CU

SharePoint Server 2010 April 2012 CU

"Article ID: 2598151 – Last Review: May 24, 2012 – Revision: 3.0

Description of the SharePoint Server 2010 cumulative update package (SharePoint server-package): April 24, 2012

Notice: This hotfix package is no longer available due to a technical problem."

So I believe the product team wants the message to get out, but doesn’t want a bad taste out there. Don’t freak out. If you haven’t installed it, just don’t. If you have, no worries the issue was something that they thought was an important enough regression that they wanted to fix and re-release. No big deal. You will be able to install the update over the top, once it comes out.

On twitter there is speculation about incoming email quota as the related regression. I’m not sure what it is. The twittersphere is not lit up from problems, so I wouldn’t complain. Let’s just let MS do the right thing and let this one get chalked up as they are doing this in our best interest, and it’s better that they handle it this way.

SharePoint Foundation 2010:
SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint Foundation 2010:
SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint Foundation 2010:
SharePoint Server 2010:


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