Have you heard? Chrome Makes SharePoint Look Insecure OR Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint

It goes something like this…

Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint

Yesterday, I noticed that Chrome started to flag any access to SharePoint Online sites, including those for Delve and OneDrive for Business, as insecure (Figure 1). This is obviously a problem, so I reported the issue to Microsoft. I also raised the issue on Twitter to establish whether this was a common problem and received several responses that others had seen the same symptoms along with many observations as to the potential root cause. Original Post https://www.petri.com/chrome-makes-sharepoint-look-insecure

But the truth is…..    

I just tested this theory check out the time stamp in the lower right of the following screenshot…


And here is a screenshot of the full Certificate Chain using Chrome


To be fair Tony may have an editor or the Blog host may have held the post for a couple of weeks…. Though I have to say the blog post is much prettier than mine…








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