LAC#/SCDN Windows Phone 7: Building Native Mobile Apps with HTML5 & jQuery

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Happy New Year LA C# and SoCal .NET Developer Community!

LA C# Note :: The Manhattan Beach Library is being rebuilt and will be unavailable for LAC# meetings between July 2012 and December 2013. If anyone knows of an alternative location in the same general vacinity (perhaps along the 405 Freeway somewhere) that LAC# can use for 18 months, please reply back to this e-mail so we can connect up to discuss. Thanks!

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Please help us with our pizza order by RSVPing/enrolling (links in event-lines below).

1. Tues Jan 3 :: Jon Flanders @ LA C# :: Windows Phone 7:: Building Native Mobile Apps using HTML5 and jQuery :: RSVP <>

2. Wed Jan 4 :: <> Jon Flanders @ LA C# :: Windows Phone 7:: Building Native Mobile Apps using HTML5 and jQuery :: RSVP <>

3. Jan 28/29 :: SoCal Code Camp @ CS Fullerton <> – Call for Speakers, Sponsors, Volunteers, & RSVPs


Jan. LAC#/SCDN Meeting Details:

Jon Flanders :: Building Native Mobile Apps with HTML5 and jQuery

Synopsis – HTML5 and JQuery are the cool new kids on the block for building Web Applications. People generally prefer native mobile apps over bookmarks in mobile browsers. Why not do both?

In this session you’ll see how you can use a native mobile shell on the popular mobile platforms (iOS, Andriod, and Windows Phone 7) to host an HTML5 application and how to interact with native APIs, handle offline mode, and deal with devices with different resolutions.

Bio – Jon is a member of the technical staff at MCW, where he focuses on connected systems technologies. Jon is most at home spelunking, trying to figure out how things work from the inside out. Jon is the author of RESTful.NET from O’Reilly,as well as Essential ASP for Addison-Wesley, and was a co-author of Mastering Visual Studio.NET for O’Reilly. Jon’s current major interest is helping people to understand the advantages of REST and how REST connects to products like SharePoint 2010. You can read his blog at

RSVP + More Details at <>

RSVP + More Details at <>


Main Raffle Prizes

* SharpShoter Collection <> $1,800

* Infragistics .NET Advantage <> – $1,195

* Typemock Isolator <> – $799

* Devexpress CodeRush + Refactor Pro <> – $249

* CodeSmith Tools <> – $199

* JetBrains Resharper <> – $199




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