Laptop Crucial vs Samsung SSD Drive Comparison with Lenovo W510

Hi All,

I just replaced a Seagate Momentus 750GB drive as my primary drive in my Lenovo W510-CTO 16GB RAM,i7 x920 with a Samsung 830 512GB SSD. the Samsung came with Norton Ghost but since I was running Windows Server 2008 R2 I used Aomei Partition Assistant 3.0 Server Edition and it completed the copy of the partition without a hitch after I resized the 750GB primary boot partition to 512GB in about 4 hours. I also have a Crucial 512GB SSD M4 and have provided the test results from Crystal Disk Mark v 3.01 x64 Edition as part of this post for the 3 drives listed above.

  • Seagate Momentus 750GB
  • image
  • Samsung 830 512GB SSD
  • image
  • Crucial 512GB SSD M4
  • image

I was surprised by the better performance provided by the Crucial. Obviously performance overall has been greatly improved. the only reason I installed the Samsung was so I would have the spare Crucial I purchased off Amazon available in case Windows 8 Public Beta is released in the next few weeks and to that end I may keep the Samsung installed as my primary but I think I will return the Samsung and purchase another Crucial regardless.

One thing the Samsung has going for it is the drive design is very appealing just not appealing enough to get around the performance issues.

I hope this post helps someone else in making decisions on which SSDs to use in their laptops.

What have your results been, what are the best performing SSDs on the market? Note: I sold my Corsair Extremes due to a problem with them going to sleep and not restarting.


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One Response to “Laptop Crucial vs Samsung SSD Drive Comparison with Lenovo W510”

  1.   Duke K
    September 23rd, 2012 | 9:18 pm       Reply

    THANKS IVAN – Finally a straight forward, proven & recreatable (with Chrystal Mark V) view. I was going to get the Samsung, however, after searching (forever it seems) and coming across your article I believe the Crucial (on-line aroung 359) is indeed the correct direction. Thanks You Sir…..

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