Microsoft Technical Communities – Leaders & Speakers Wanted

Many folks already know. But, I have found that there are still quite a few community leaders and speakers that may not be aware of the benefits to joining the Microsoft Technical Communities or that it exists. I made this assumption once I noticed all of the User Groups and Events that are not listed yet?

Part of the reason may be that UGSS has evolved into Microsoft Technical Communities and folks haven’t registered, just click on the link below and if you’re a Microsoft Community Leader (User Group or Event Organizer) or Community Speaker please register. I was a member of the UGSS but never received any information from the change to the new site, well maybe I did and don’t know. The cool thing is now we are getting the attention, time, training etc that will help all of us within our communities even more…. Once you have registered you will receive an email from MSTC within 3 days…

BTW – This is the only way I know of to request and receive re-imbursement for a part of the expense of supporting our community from Microsoft.. 




After you sign-in, just click on the type of UserID your using and you will get further instruction, just click next and enter your UserName and Password and you will receive a WebPage like the one below where you can choose a role Community Leader or Community Speaker. Information will be filtered based on the role you choose. This actually caused me to walk through the site a couple of times. However, you can choose both roles..



In order to get full access to membership, you will need to complete your profile.  Your profile is not saved until the last page when you click Submit.  Your Microsoft Technical Communities Profile is used to customize this site. The information you indicate below will filter the content that you receive so that you will only see information that is of interest to you. Keep your profile up to date so you can get the most from your Microsoft Technical Communities experience. Please note that your personal information will be visible to other community members on the website.


Read and Accept the EULA and click next, read and accept the Code of Conduct and click next, Read and Accept the Terms of use and click next, complete your Registration and Profile information note you should have your MCP, MVP, MCT IDs available as necessary






Once you have completed the registration process you can begin by associating yourself with the Microsoft UserGroups in your Community If your UserGroup isn’t listed, spread the word today to all of your user Community Leaders but don’t forget your favorite Speakers as we need your love too…




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