SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Automation of Demo Builds Part 4 – Visio Graphics Services

Prior to discussing the Visio Graphics Demo Builds I would like to say that it was a privilege to work with Mariano Teixeira Neto, Stacia Misner, Ken Brown, and especially Norm Warren who I owe the most gratitude for taking a non-author under his wing and somehow bringing me through the process.

If you haven’t ever had the opportunity to write a book on technology of any kind prior to its release while maintaining your own business, it was a challenge to say the least. I worked more hours in the last 6 months than I would have ever thought possible. Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013 is a great guide to the numerous Business Intelligence features to be found in the combination of SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013. There were times, well most of the time I found parts difficult to write. In some ways I learned (always have know) I can build and automate anything. But what I didn’t know or have a clue about, though I have been writing technical guidance for years for clients is that when writing to a diverse audience you had better have folks on your team to learn from that have been there and delivered the end product many times before.

My difficulty was due in part to the the diversity of the audience, I don’t think I am eloquent enough to write to a non-technical audience in any meaningful way. This may be due in part to being a geek and all I speak is geek. It may have been I was so impressed with the other authors work that it made mine seem to me sophomoric. However, it was a great learning experience and allows me to share some pretty cool Demo Builds with you including this Visio Services Demo 2.0 Content Pack that you can download from Codeplex. http://SharePointDemoBuilds.codeplex.com.

In addition, though this work has been modified so there isn’t any stuff that is broken. The diagrams broken or not  have been around in many forms for a couple of SharePoint Releases. So, I would also like to thank Microsoft for providing these diagrams as learning tools and though I don’t know the folks directly who created most of the diagrams I have modified most of them,  and left  a few in lace for you to go through the upgrade process. I would just like to thank everyone involved that I haven’t mentioned previously from O’Reilly, Microsoft, and the folks that originally provided this collection of content. Though it is a work in progress it enabled me to learn Visio Services more quickly than I would have without having this work as a resource.


Its a pretty simple page with a few Visio Diagrams like the following network diagram


or it can be as simple as a wireframe as Contoso Casinos


We have even more content samples for everyone to play with so that you can learn Visio Services easily and have fun


Most people don’t realize that you can drop one the Visio Shapes on the page, then highlight and drop Excel Workbook information and if you had 50 rows of information you would end up with 50 labeled Visio Shapes in the diagram. Much like what’s been done in the next Visio Diagram


In summary this is a way to build not code Visio Diagrams and then add them to dashboards attached to live meaningful data., Because we know that executives love red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light and who they need to get in touch with to find out what’s up..

If you want to use these examples along with 30 or 40 more, we have the presentations, walkthroughs and scenarios on Codeplex at http://SharePointDemoBuilds.codeples.com and download / install the Visio Demo 2 Content Pack.

The following Demo installations are available for download now.




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