Site for Reviews of ThirdParty Software "" is an independent product directory that provides SharePoint end-users, developers and administrators with objective expert reviews and opinions on SharePoint web parts, applications and development platforms. With searchable product listings, ratings and reviews it will help you find the most suitable SharePoint product within the shortest time. You can browse by categories, vendors, platforms and other parameters.


SharePoint Reviews is not affiliated with any vendor and does not receive any commissions/compensation from product listings or reviews. All operating funds come strictly from advertising, which would be distinctly marked on our site.


There is always a place in my heart for a site of unbiased reviews on the growing number of third party products that exist in the market place. Registration is simple and will allow you to immediately start reviewing products…

I want to join Mike Fitzmaurice in saying: "Do the math: Third party Add-Ons are your friend" . In addition, if you remember when your only source of information on SharePoint were blogs then you know that it matters who writes the review….



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