SoCal Code Camp IV @ USC T minus 8 days and counting

Please join me for the following sessions


Mission Control here for our final general promotional announcement.  This ship is launching.  Get ready for a great ride!

  • Latest stats as of 10/6/2011 are
  • Current Sessions:  106 (up from 75).  Thanks to all the presenters who submitted sessions!  We breached the 100 mark.  Way to go!
  • Initial Schedule PostedSchedule
  • RSVPed: 438 and climbing rapidly. 
  • Sponsorships:  Continued thanks to DevExpress and  Telerik our Gold Sponsors, and all other sponsors!
  • Value of Raffle Prizes & Giveaways:  $107,947 (up from $90,626)
  • Ground Crew (Volunteers): Check
  • Facilities:  Check
  • Logistics:  Check

Thanks for all who RSVPed. 

Thanks in advance for those of you who have decided to come and will RSVP in the days ahead (please do so today).

What are your BIG reasons for attending?  Please give us a tweet using #SoCalCodeCamp!


For those who are on the fence… are you okay with being left behind to miss:

  • Great topics presented by developer gurus and professional peers
  • A real likelihood of walking away with $100+ worth of prizes and giveaways
  • A chance to interact with developer peers to exchange best practices and other great ideas
  • Sponsored Saturday night Geek Dinner and Sunday lunch

Check out the tweets in the next couple of days…  are you sure you want to miss out?



As always, we are so very thankful to our sponsors who help make this event possible.  Please be sure to visit our financial and raffle sponsors at and companion-site

This Code Camp is brought to you in part by, DevExpress, Telerik, PDSA, Microsoft,, Outsource Technical, Crescent Solutions, and SMCI


Thank you from your Mission Control for SoCal Code Camp LA IV @ USC

Art, Janet, Woody, James, Adnan, Mike, Bret, and Michael


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