SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Automation of Demo Builds

Happy New Year!!!

Pretty much everyone one I know for the past year in the SharePoint community has been working on keeping their VMs up to date with the latest SQL and SharePoint Releases.

This is especially true if your Demos include Business Intelligence… In addition, unless you have a Shared environment in the cloud its difficult when writing books on Business Intelligence to keep everyone on the same page and see the really cool stuff they are doing…IN addition, at the end of the day its you the reader I think would prefer to be able to build the same environment that we are referencing when writing the books and doing the sessions.

This is my first post on hopefully making this easier as I know there are plenty of folks having problems with  Installing PowerPivot with SharePoint because I answer questions in the forums. Specifically the PowerPivot Installation and Configuration with SharePoint 2013. One of the many things I think is cool about the SQL 2012 SP1 Release is that PowerPivot Doesn’t have to be installed on any of your SharePoint Servers in your farm. Unless you want to schedule refreshes, have the PowerPivot gallery, or work with Power View and Reporting Services in SharePoint mode.

So I have attached below a copy of a SQL Server 2012 Configuration File PowerPivot.Configurations.ini that will Install anywhere in your environment in its own POWERPIVOT Instance.

There are a couple changes that you will need to make for your environment and on depending how hands on you want to be with the installation.. You can choose to use the file as it is now in Simplified UI mode which is much faster and less tedious than waiting for all of the tests and entering the information by hand, I don’t know about you but whenever I have that many choices to click on I am bound to make a mistake.

However, you can also run it in silent mode by entering your Product Key, Uncommenting the PID parameter.

Then Comment out UIMODE and change either parameter QUITE or QUITESIMPLE value to True

The last change you will need to make unless your installing in the Contoso.com AD Domain is to Change the Service Account Username and Password  on Line 93

Then add or remove any additional Administrators on Line 130.

I have included a link to the file on SkyDrive  so you can download today and check it out.


One last thing the syntax  to start the setup is really easy, if you mount the SQL 2012 SP1 ISO as D: then Run as an Administrator to open a DOS prompt and Change drives to D: Then enter the following.

Setup /CONFIGURATION=D:\PowerPivot.ConfigurationFile.ini

Note: You will still need to run the PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 Configuration tool to configure the PowerPivot Service Application…

Cheers, and Happy New Year………..



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