PowerShell: Run IISReset on All Servers in your farm at the same time

  IIS-Reset.ps1 One of the many things scripts are good for in general  is making repetitive tasks easier and the results more consistent. PowerShell takes it to another level with its intuitive cmdlets . I find it much easier run a script from my laptop or log into a single server rather than using MSTSC […]

Metalogix Content Matrix 7.3.x – Bugs

  SharePoint 2013 and Metalogix Content Matrix SharePoint is mission-critical and users demand availability. Content Matrix allows you to migrate SharePoint by site collection, site, list, library, business unit, or department with zero downtime. Run old and new farms in parallel and test and re-arrange as often needed. Along with the Re-Organizer feature empowers your […]

RSA Web Agent 7.1.3 SharePoint WFEs Authentication with Multiple IP Addresses

  If you are unable to authenticate the after installation and configuration of the RSA WebAgent, you have downloaded the agent from EMC http://www.emc.com/security/rsa-securid/rsa-authentication-agents/iis-7-1.htm,  followed the installation instructions. Configuration and Errors You have created and copied the sdconf.rec file to %windir%/system32 and to the C:\Program files\RSA Security\RSAWebAgent When attempting to authenticate you receive “100:Access denied. […]

Windows Server 2012 AD RMS with SharePoint IRM a Step by Step Guide

I have included below for your review and use a copy of a document that I recently created for a 3 Server DEV environment for SharePoint IRM Create Service Accounts Account Name User Logon Name Group ADRMSSRVC ADRMS   ADRMSADMIN ADRMSADMIN Enterprise Admins Server Names Operating System and Role / Applications Server Names OS Roles  […]

Office 365 Is Here – Get Ready Today!

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SQL 2005 Maintenance for SharePoint

The Maintenance Plan Wizard in SQL Server 2005 enables administrators to perform the following maintenance tasks against SharePoint databases: Check database integrity   Reduce a database   Reorganize an index   Clean up the history   Update statistics   Rebuild an index We have tested these tasks and the effects that these tasks have on […]