SQL Query: Set All DBs to the Simple Recovery Model–DEV

  The Attached Query The really cool part about this query is how easy it is to modify. The first section declares the variables, in this case there are 3. The second section, sets the action for each of he declared variables The last section loops through each DB using the PROC sp_MSforeachdb and runs […]

SQL Query: Set All Dbs AutoGrowth

Recommendations The following are recommendations to proactively manage the growth of data and log files: When possible, increase all data files and log files to their expected final size, or periodically increase these at set periods, for example, every month or every six months, or before rollout of a new storage-intensive site such as during […]

SQL Query: Move TempDb Files to separate LUNs

  Tempdb Multiple Files One of the important issues when hosting multiple Content Dbs with multiple terabytes data is to ensure that you have created a TempDB with additional files of the same size and once created move teach of the files to their own Volume. Do NOT use ISCSI for SQL Dbs In this […]