Microsoft Training Resources

Find training opportunities and recommendations anytime on the U.S. Partner Learning blog, Learning Plan Tool website, and the Local Activities Section of the Training and Events page on the U.S. partner portal. Training for Developers Microsoft Forefront Security Forefront Server Security Service Kit: The Tools You Need for a Successful Deployment TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Forefront […]

SQL 2005 Maintenance for SharePoint

The Maintenance Plan Wizard in SQL Server 2005 enables administrators to perform the following maintenance tasks against SharePoint databases: Check database integrity   Reduce a database   Reorganize an index   Clean up the history   Update statistics   Rebuild an index We have tested these tasks and the effects that these tasks have on […]

Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Mirroring

Restore Dbs to the mirror server in NORECOVERY Mode 1. Restore DB > Choose from device >   2.  Click Add >   3. Locate the db to be restore, after choosing the db, Copy the db Name before clicking OK   4. Click Ok > Click Ok 5. Paste the Db Name you copied […]