Team Foundation Server 2010, SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2012 RC0

As I said in a previous post on Friday I would have to repair the TFS2010 environment it took a little longer than than I would have expected but mostly due to learning SQL 2012 RC0 and my general lack of knowledge using Team Foundation Server 2010 for anything but source control until recently, though I had the environment configured using the built in reports with the SCRUM Process Model in my environment. I never really had time to use TFS2010 the way you should. Like, set up user stories / business requirements Well I just left a large project where they are using the CMMI Model and now know how to use Areas, Scenarios, have the BA enter the business requirements, the SA create the features and I would create the tasks / work items for the developers. So I thought to  myself it would be a good time to upgrade a few of my environments and being the punk I can always be I didn’t read any of the documentation first, lol.

In summary you can completely run SharePoint on SQL 2012 RC0 with the caveat that you will be doing an upgrade or moving your databases over to the new server. However, there are two constraints with using SQL2012 RC0 with Team Foundation Server 2010 integrated with SharePoint 2010. The first is a known issue and the same issue as with using SQL 2008 R2. Reporting Services needs to be setup in native mode, the second is that TFS2010 doesn’t seem to work with SQL 2012 AS. Since this is the case all tasks, bugs etc. will show up in SharePoint 2010 but will not show up in any of the reports so its almost pointless to setup this way. I still have a bit of testing for the SQL 2012 RC0 AS portion but I don’t think it will work

In summary if you want to use SQL 2012 RC0 with Team Foundation Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 then you will either Upgrade SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2012 RC0, I have been unable to do a straight upgrade even after removing the older RS and AS. It has failed 5 times out of 5 remove SQL 2008 R2 completely, install SQL 2012 RC0, attach your databases, create a SQL Alias for your SharePoint 2010 Servers.

I went a little further and created a new WebApp and SiteCollection to host Team Foundation Server 2010. I was thinking it would be really cool to use SQL 2012 RS integrated mode but so far no luck, I was surprised that AS doesn’t seem to be supported but then I didn’t read anything until after my failed upgrade. I will let everyone know how it goes with Native RS and moving AS to SQL2008 R2 later this week. I mean it is Christmas after all and I will include screenshots with the next post….


Happy Holidays…


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