The SharePoint Conference 2014

imageMy favorite sessions so far has been Develop Advanced Search-Driven SharePoint 2013 Apps, my favorite Exam so far was 70-332, and my favorite party so far? was the Annual RED Party hosted by AvePoint.

My Favorite Keynote (so far) was Bill Clinton, he Rocked, and the message is clear. As the next generation has grown up without the traditional borders due to the technology revolution. They are more inclusive and think nothing of playing video games or talking on Skype with other members of their generation anywhere in the world. I know on any given night my son Jon is online with Germany, India, Italy, China, Korea, and many more. playing video games, watching youtube,  and talking about college (how boring and useless). this is in stark contrast to the typical exclusiveness of previous generations,  the us verses them mentality. image


Regardless of where you live, the color of your skin, the language you speak, gay or straight, the God you believe in, you are still one of us, and not one of them.

We are ALL in this together!@




But the Best Part of the Conference (so far) was a small dinner for the SharePoint Server MVPs at Dal Toro. Its really cool when a group of us have the opportunity to get together in a quite setting, have dinner, and discuss some of our more interesting war stories, life in the trenches.

But, its more than that it’s about our community.


As in all communities there is always change and after dinner Jeremy Thake announced that this would be his last MVP Event. Most of you probably know Jeremy from his current job with AvePoint. I was lucky enough to have met him prior to his move to AvePoint and America. Though I am sad that we may not get to hang out at the MVP Summit (LOL) the way we have in the past, I am more than thrilled he has taken a position with one of the best companies in the world (Microsoft) and in the best product group (SharePoint).

Congratulations Jeremy, I think its really cool that though you may have left AvePoint and are no longer a SharePoint MVP we will still be able to hang out and continue to work with you in your new position.

TAO at the Venetian Las Vegas



      AvePoint ROCKS!!



Oh, and Club SPC was pretty cool last night as well, I loved the Disco Ball and music thumpin in the Exhibit hall….


I hope everyone will be at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Evening Event Tonight, from 7-10pm PST! The blowout party is sponsored by Neudesic. We will see if its more cool than the AvePoint Party last night at TAO.




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