Cheap SSL Certs

I’m on some sort of vacation since last week at home in Puerto Rico… I say “some sort” because I’m actually upgrading my last SBS2k box to 2k3 and using the old box as a terminal server. While I was preparing the migration the client asked if there was a way to take out the “Security Warning“ page that they get when they access OWA (and RWW in the future) from a public computer (one that the cert has not been imported previously)… and I told him that it would cost $400-800/yr to get a Verisign cert to fix that. We both knew that … Continue reading Cheap SSL Certs

Site to Site VPN while keeping ISA in the Mix

If you have a remote office or a branch it might be a good idea to have those users connected to your primary office permanently. You could even have an additional domain controller on the remote site or even make the users login via a Terminal Server on your primary location. To connect the two locations together you have a couple of options:   Connect each computer individually using PPTP VPN to the SBS box directly. Use a PPTP VPN-capable router on the remote site and establish the VPN directly to the SBS box. Use 2 VPN routers (IPSec) to … Continue reading Site to Site VPN while keeping ISA in the Mix