A Recycle Bin for Sharepoint?

Today I was cleaning up the stack of magazines that I have in my desk and came across an article on how to add a Recycle Bin to Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS).

MSDN Magazine – February 2005 – Page 62


I have to admit that I have absolutely NO IDEA what these guys are talking about. That really doesn’t mean anything since my knowledge of programming and .NET is very limited (almost non-existent). However, I know that we have very smart people in the SBS community than can probably figure this out. In fact, I encourage anyone that knows enough of this to make it work to write something SBS-sized so mere mortals like myself could benefit of it.

Bottomline-> I don’t know if its possible and/or how well it works… but the article sounds interesting and definitely something that we on SBS-land could benefit from.

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