How to buy SBS 4.x/2000 CALs

This question is coming up a lot in the SBS newsgroups. Basically if you have an SBS 4.x or 2000 server and need to buy CALs for it you will soon find out that they have been discontinued. You need to buy SBS2k3 CALs and use your “downgrade rights“ to install them on the older SBS version. Sounds simple? Yes… well… not quite. When was the last time you saw something simple regarding licensing? 🙂 The problem is that SBS2k (and prior) used a floppy disk to install the CALs (which is no longer needed in 2k3). To obtain this … Continue reading How to buy SBS 4.x/2000 CALs

New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

Cris Hanna (a fellow SBS MVP and one of the SBS grandfathers) has started a new Usergroup in the St. Loius area. As I have mentioned before I truly love usergroups, it is great to be able to talk geek and share “war” stories. Kudos to Cris on getting this going! So, if you use, support or sell SBS in the St. Louis area… make sure you join this group by sending an email By the way, if you live in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia… make sure you contact me (use the form in the left corner) so I can direct you … Continue reading New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

LimitLogin – Tool to limit and monitor concurrent logins in a domain

A couple of people in the past have asked how to prevent users from logging more than 1 time (or x number of times) on different devices across the network. I stumbled accross this tool which seems like it does exactly that better than the old CConnect.exe (also some other nice features): LimitLogin v1.0  LimitLogin is an application that adds the ability to limit concurrent user logins in an Active Directory domain. It can also keep track of all logins information in Active Directory domains.  LimitLogin capabilities include: ·         Limiting the number of logins per user from any machine in the … Continue reading LimitLogin – Tool to limit and monitor concurrent logins in a domain

StarWars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Ok… so this is not exactly SBS material, but it is interesting nevertheless: As you may know StarWars Episode III is only 71 days away (release date May 19, 2005). Last November the first teaser trailer was released, which was totally awesome (specially that “Lord Vader…. RISE!” part). You can watch the teaser here: Now, the important news is that you can watch the full trailer on Thursday, March 10th at 8 pm, during the broadcast of FOX’s “The O.C.”. If you miss it, don’t worry… you will probably have tons of other opportunities to watch the trailer (more specifically on the movie Robots … Continue reading StarWars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith