New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

Cris Hanna (a fellow SBS MVP and one of the SBS grandfathers) has started a new Usergroup in the St. Loius area. As I have mentioned before I truly love usergroups, it is great to be able to talk geek and share “war” stories. Kudos to Cris on getting this going!

So, if you use, support or sell SBS in the St. Louis area… make sure you join this group by sending an email to:

By the way, if you live in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia… make sure you contact me (use the form in the left corner) so I can direct you to the appropiate usergroup in your area. You will not regret it!

2 thoughts on “New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

  1. Javier! Did you tell Cris about the leaders group? Cris come on over and join a totally awesome and independent group of moderators and leaders of SBS User groups.

    Anne Stanton

    The Norwich Group

    Co-Moderator – International Leader’s Group – InterNETnational SBSgroupLEADS

    A global meeting place for current leaders of Microsoft IT Consultant’s groups with a keystone product of SBS – dedicated to learning, sharing and empowering Leaders of local user groups in a neutral forum

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