The SBS Migration Tour – Washington DC on May 19

I’m pleased to announce that we have 2 great presentations in May 19 as part of SBS Migration east coast tour. SBSers Jeff Middleton and Anne Stanton are going to be on Boston, NYC and DC (on May 17, 18 and 19 respectively) presenting the technical and business aspects of SBS migrations.

Also, 3 other SBS MVPs (Cal McLennan, Jeff Loucks and myself) and many members of the Baltimore and DC SBS usergroups will be attending this event. We hope to get a lot of people involved… so please “spread the word” and make sure you attend this great event! J

You can register for the DC event here:

or the NYC event:

So, what exactly are the presentations about? Keep reading…

Migration Projects as Business Opportunities (presented by Anne Stanton – CRM-MVP)

As a customer opens their mind to the potential of even more productivity and better tools there is an opportunity for other project work. Anne Stanton presents a look into what some of this potential project work could be and how to position yourself with your client to facilitate more work and project opportunities. Setting expectations, anticipating demand and insuring a successful transition while also nailing down potential long term referrals are all part of the discussion

Swing Migration: Upgrade SBS servers on weekdays, …take the weekends off!  (presented by Jeff Middleton – SBS-MVP)

Jeff introduced this blockbuster presentation last fall, rated by attendees as best of Reseller Summit 2004 Tour given by Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Trend Micro in Australia, and the best SMB Nation 2004 technical session. Replacing a Windows or SBS Server transparently, open timeline, same domain, no workstation impact…this migration method rocks!!

ü      This unique technical solution can redefine your SMB business and server support model, even put an end to the “business shutdown” or “the long-weekend server upgrade” approach to Windows Server and SBS upgrades.

ü      Directly shifting any Windows domain from NT4/SBS 4.x through Win200x over to SBS/Windows 200x become possible, even BackOffice 2000 to SBS 2003 while maintaining the original Active Directory. Swing Migration delivers a clean installed Windows OS platform, (with or without hardware replacement), retains the same server-name, same domain. Keep the same Exchange Information Store if you like.

ü      No user profile impact, ADMT is not required, no SID changes, no UNC namespace break, just a transparent server upgrade that includes the confidence of not impacting the workstations. This documented process keeps a customer’s domain in production, allows a full server replacement for complicated Exchange based organizations on a single domain controller such as SBS operating as a file server as well. Your technician can work offsite, offline, open-timeline and with nothing to undo if unexpected issues arise.

I hope to see you there! (and make sure you say “hi” to me).


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