Documentation Available on SBS2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Although, SBS2k3 SP1 is not quite out yet (very soon!)… you might be interested in knowing what changes it brings to the table beforehand. I suggest you check out this document:

I wish to share what my 4 favorite new features are:

1)       Not having to install service packs, updates and a bunch of hotfixes separately (not sure if this is actually a “feature” J).

2)       External Pages of Your Windows SBS Web Site Do Not Appear in Internet Search Results (just click on this link and see how important this is).

3)       Exchange is automatically configured to filter out mail sent to accounts that do not exist in the Active Directory directory (no more spamming using NDRs… yeah!!!).

4)       The inclusion of ISA Server 2004 on the package (I admit I haven’t played much with it, but it sure seems “cool”).

Although there were ways to do this without SP1… its nice to have everything in one place. We SBSers are truly spoiled!

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