Email problems when using the POP3 connector

If you are using the POP3 connector to receive mail, but you have some accounts (like a remote user) that are not collected by the SBS box you will find that it’s not possible to send mail to those accounts from inside the SBS domain. As soon as you try to send mail to that account, Exchange will send you and NDR back saying “The email account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.  Check the email address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address.” This happens because by default Exchange is setup … Continue reading Email problems when using the POP3 connector

How to enable SMTP outbound authentication

Here is a Quick Tip-   Many smarthosts require that you authenticate before you can relay your mail to them. Unfortunately, the SBS dev team did not add an authentication window to the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW). You have to do this manually, but do not worry… it is very easy:   Open Exchange System Manager, drill down to Connectors, right-click the SMTP connector and select properties. On the Properties screen click on the Advanced tab, go to Outbound Security and type the logon info of your ISP.   By the way, if you want to learn … Continue reading How to enable SMTP outbound authentication

Stop Spam… but not NDRs

I realize that any mail server these days receives tons of spam and that SBSers use employ several methods to cope up with that, but I think that disabling NDRs is not a wise choice. For those who don’t know: NDR stands for Non Delivery Report and its simply that email that you get when the mail cannot reach its destination (or when it is delayed). Some people disable them because sometimes an SBS box can be sending 100’s of spam-related NDRs which takes server resources and bandwidth. Why not disable NDRs then? Let me explain… There are 2 types of NDRs that concerns us: … Continue reading Stop Spam… but not NDRs

Switching from POP3 to SMTP

Many people has asked in the past how to switch from using the POP3 connector for retreiving mail to use SMTP instead. Switching to SMTP has many advantages like: -Mail is received in realtime (no 15-min delay)-You have control over which servers can send mail to you (control spam)-You have total control over your mail servers, accounts, etc. Most people think that a static IP is required for using SMTP, but that is not correct. Although it is convinient to have a static IP, you can overcome this by using Dynamic DNS service. In fact, even if your ISP is blocking (incoming) port … Continue reading Switching from POP3 to SMTP