Internet Explorer Keywords for DNS Troubleshooting

I think its safe to say that DNS is part of the fabric of the internet. I don’t remember how many times I had (or helped someone with) issues with public DNS, but I can assure you that it has been a lot. DNS controls everything about your domain, from the correct resolution of your website to where your email should go. My two favorite sites for troubleshooting public DNS issues are and These two sites have saved me in numerous occassions and whenever somebody is having some DNS issue they are my first stop to help determine the problem. I … Continue reading Internet Explorer Keywords for DNS Troubleshooting

Create easier-to-remember URLs for OWA, RWW and even Sharepoint

If you are running SBS you must know by now that you need to type or /remote to access OWA or RWW from the internet. One issue that I often encounter is that users forget those URLs are (specially if the are technologically-impaired J).   So, what about giving your users simpler URLs? Like for OWA and/or for RWW   What about Sharepoint? Typing :444 at the end of an URL is really not cool at all. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use to access your intranet directly? If this idea sounds appealing to … Continue reading Create easier-to-remember URLs for OWA, RWW and even Sharepoint

Documentation Available on SBS2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Although, SBS2k3 SP1 is not quite out yet (very soon!)… you might be interested in knowing what changes it brings to the table beforehand. I suggest you check out this document: I wish to share what my 4 favorite new features are: 1)       Not having to install service packs, updates and a bunch of hotfixes separately (not sure if this is actually a “feature” J). 2)       External Pages of Your Windows SBS Web Site Do Not Appear in Internet Search Results (just click on this link and see how important this is). 3)       Exchange is automatically configured to filter out … Continue reading Documentation Available on SBS2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

The SBS Migration Tour – Washington DC on May 19

I’m pleased to announce that we have 2 great presentations in May 19 as part of SBS Migration east coast tour. SBSers Jeff Middleton and Anne Stanton are going to be on Boston, NYC and DC (on May 17, 18 and 19 respectively) presenting the technical and business aspects of SBS migrations. Also, 3 other SBS MVPs (Cal McLennan, Jeff Loucks and myself) and many members of the Baltimore and DC SBS usergroups will be attending this event. We hope to get a lot of people involved… so please “spread the word” and make sure you attend this great event! J You … Continue reading The SBS Migration Tour – Washington DC on May 19

New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

Cris Hanna (a fellow SBS MVP and one of the SBS grandfathers) has started a new Usergroup in the St. Loius area. As I have mentioned before I truly love usergroups, it is great to be able to talk geek and share “war” stories. Kudos to Cris on getting this going! So, if you use, support or sell SBS in the St. Louis area… make sure you join this group by sending an email By the way, if you live in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia… make sure you contact me (use the form in the left corner) so I can direct you … Continue reading New SBS Usergroup Forming in St. Louis

LimitLogin – Tool to limit and monitor concurrent logins in a domain

A couple of people in the past have asked how to prevent users from logging more than 1 time (or x number of times) on different devices across the network. I stumbled accross this tool which seems like it does exactly that better than the old CConnect.exe (also some other nice features): LimitLogin v1.0  LimitLogin is an application that adds the ability to limit concurrent user logins in an Active Directory domain. It can also keep track of all logins information in Active Directory domains.  LimitLogin capabilities include: ·         Limiting the number of logins per user from any machine in the … Continue reading LimitLogin – Tool to limit and monitor concurrent logins in a domain

A Recycle Bin for Sharepoint?

Today I was cleaning up the stack of magazines that I have in my desk and came across an article on how to add a Recycle Bin to Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS). MSDN Magazine – February 2005 – Page 62 I have to admit that I have absolutely NO IDEA what these guys are talking about. That really doesn’t mean anything since my knowledge of programming and .NET is very limited (almost non-existent). However, I know that we have very smart people in the SBS community than can probably figure this out. In fact, I encourage anyone that knows … Continue reading A Recycle Bin for Sharepoint?

Smartphone Review – Motorola MPx220

Last year I was itching for a new phone. My contract was up, my previous phone was pretty old and I wanted to be more “connected”. I did a lot of research on which phone I should get using two great sites: and Since I’m not really a road warrior I opted for a smarphone instead of a PDA/Phone combo and after much debate I got a Motorola MPx220 from Cingular Wireless.   This little phone has really impressed me. It has Quad Band GSM, 1.2MP camera (for still and video), Bluetooth, IR and a miniSD slot for … Continue reading Smartphone Review – Motorola MPx220

Please turn off all electronic equipment for takeoff

Sorry this has nothing to do with SBS, but I really need to get it out of my chest. As I mentioned in my last blog article I went to Toronto for the local SMB Nation mini summit. It was sooo cool to finally meet in person many of my MVP friends and community members, I really got many memorable moments there (and some even have pictures attached to them!). However, all that “magic” ended abruptly when I got inside the airplane… Ok. Let me start by admitting that I’m not really a frequent “air” traveler… I normally travel about 3-4 … Continue reading Please turn off all electronic equipment for takeoff

Going to Toronto

Most of you may already know that there is an SMB Nation Summit on Toronto on Jan 11 (read more about it on Susan’s blog). I’m happy to say that I will be attending the event and I hope that you will too (I’m cutting 2 days off my vacations and flying from San Juan to Toronto and then going to Philly… so don’t tell me about distances, work, etc.) Seriously, this is a great opportunity to learn more about SBS, have fun and meet a lot of people (plus its great to be able to “speak SBS” for a while). I’m looking forward to meet many SBSers … Continue reading Going to Toronto