Need some training on ISA Server 2004?

Then you have some great options out there to get up-to-speed!

1) Check out the recently launched ISA Server 2004 Interactive training site at  This is a great way to walk-through some of the biggest benefits of using ISA server.  You can also go free style at the end to just play around with the ISA Management interface.  It only takes about an hour to get through.

2) Check out Tom Shinder’s ISA Server 2004 book as it’s a must read. 

3) Stay tuned to and the public ISA Server newsgroups.

Three valuable resources for anyone looking to work more closely with the product and become an ISA guru 🙂


ISA Server 2004 takes Redmond Reader’s Choice Award

Just got the January 2005 edition of Redmond magazine today and was very happy to see that ISA Server 2004 was voted the best software-based firewall solution on the market ahead of Checkpoint Firewall-1 and Symantec’s Enterprise firewall!

Just wait for the Enterprise Edition to release!


Thoughts on the MSRT???

So I’ve initialized the Malicious Software Removal Tool to MSRT, sorry had to do it because I’m not good at spelling malicious 🙂

Who has used it out there and what are your thoughts?  I think the tool is a good start and I really appreciate it being deployable in an enterprise with either SMS or group policy scripts.  I don’t prefer the requirement to be a local Admin to run the tool, but if you have SMS you can work around that. 

I’m interested to see how and if the tool changes in the coming months.  If it does, I’ll have some feedback to post.


Looking for opportunity to tech edit new book? If so, read on…

I am happy to say that Bud Ratliff (fellow ISA MVP) and I are working on the new ISA Server 2004 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant book for MS Press.  We want this to be a very high quality book with relevant procedures for all you ISA Admins out there.  We’ve got great support from the other ISA MVPs and and ISA team at Microsoft, but if you have good knowledge of ISA Server and would like to be a tech edit on the book, please send me an e-mail (


ISA Server 2004 Book titles

With ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition out on the market, look for some great book resources to help you learn all about ISA!

New titles:

> Dr. Tom Shinder’s Configuring ISA Server 2004 is available!

> Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Unleashed by Michael Noel – not yet shipping.

> ISA 2004 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by Bud Ratliff and yours truly – not yet shipping.

I’ll make sure to make note of other ISA 2004 books once I hear of them.