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The Missing DHCP snap-in for Windows 10 Remote Server Administration Tools

November 6th, 2015 · 4 Comments · .net, c#, development, networking, Powershell, servers

If you’re used to managing Windows Servers, you’re likely familiar with the Windows Server Remote Administration Tools. These tools are packaged as a download for each client (not server) version of Windows. They provide the same set of MMC snap-ins you’ll find on a server, such as Active Directory Users and Computers, DNS, or Group Policy, but for your desktop. You can connect the tools from your desktop to whichever server you need.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 version of these tools left something out. There is no DHCP snap-in. Instead, Microsoft included a set of Powershell Commandlets for managing a Windows DHCP server.

Now, Powershell is fine for many things. It’s even probably the best way to make changes to your DHCP configuration. In a perfect world, ALL changes to a server happen via command line scripts that were first tested outside of production, and then stored in order in a tool like Puppet or Chef, so that a server can be rebuilt from stock just by running the stored scripts.

However, day to day work sometimes requires quick access to dhcp lease information, where I may want to do things like sort by lease expiration, IP address, or
MAC address. The command-line Powershell tools simply didn’t appeal to me for those times when I just want to get some quick information, and perhaps copy it to the clipboard.

So I built my own viewer for Windows DHCP server scope and lease information. It’s on GitHub. Go take a look.


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  • Matthew Coleman

    installation instructions in the readme would be nice for the DHCP tool. Thanks.

  • Jim Di Liddo

    This could be exactly what I’m looking for. But I’m not a programmer so I don;t kknow how to get started with it. Any usage directions? I already have the prereqs installed.

  • jcoehoorn

    I was going to put a binary into the repository, but I saw this missing snap-in is included with the management tools again, so there’s no point now.

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