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On the Lambda


Welcome to my Blog. I’m a 2009-2013 Microsoft ASP.Net MVP, an honor made possible largely through my participation at Stack Overflow.  But don’t let that fool you; I no longer work as a developer. Instead, in 2010 I took charge of the IT Department at York College.  This is my dream job, but it’s a big transition. While I do have IT experience, this is a very different side of computing than the programming I had been doing previously.

In this space I hope to share my struggles and triumphs as I adapt to this different role. I also plan to share my thoughts and ideas about the different technologies I work with now and have worked with in the past. I have a very broad perspective that belies my years, and have seen a wide variety of IT deployments, even if they are predominantly from the Microsoft stack. I hope you’ll stick around.


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  • Ryne

    Just wondering if you were ever able to connect to Microsoft SQL database through an iphone app>

  • Dan Cancro

    Hi Joel,

    I came across your stackexchange wiki on what to think about when making a web application and wanted to say thanks.

    I also thought this might interest you. It is a somewhat related comparison I have made of application generators that use AngularJS for the frontend. So these are things people can use to get started making an app and avoid making mistakes. Your wiki gave me a few things to add to it.


    I couldn’t find an email address for you so I’m letting you know this way, but feel free to decline this comment if you’d rather not have it on your welcome page.


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