Initial – International Niagara Information Technology Influencers and Leaders

About Us: We are a group of IT Professionals, Academics and Vendors looking to broaden our impact through the pursuit of knowledge, professional development and community involvement.

Our membership is geographically centered on the two Niagara regions of the US and Canada while drawing from Northwestern New York and Southern Ontario. We hold twelve meetings per year with visiting speakers on topics of interest to our membership, six meetings in the US and six in Canada.

INITIAL is guided by by-laws, managed by volunteering professionals and internationally associated. We share best practices with IT Pro user groups around the globe. This is an opportunity to be associated with the world of change while making contact with those who change IT.

Who Should Join: Our membership is free. If you are an IT Professional, Academic or Vendor looking for opportunities to collaborate, network, stay a head of the curve, make a broader impact on the community in which you live, then membership is for you.

How are we funded: INITIAL is funded through Vendor sponsorship and the fund raising efforts of our members.

Contact: For more information about INITIAL, please call
(888) 474-2237 or (905) 646-1927.

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