Understanding what can go offline with the CRM Laptop Client

This article covers some default feature of what can be taken offline with the CRM Laptop Client for Outlook. In the first section it discusses what is not available offline. In the second Section it describes the prefined filters for specifying what data can be taken offline. Finally it concludes by indicating where you change the criteria for going offline in Outlook.    First off here is a list of what is Not available offline: Assigning records (except activities and cases) Reports Sharing Workflow Cannot be edited offline Articles Sales literature Here is some background about working offline:   Selecting … Continue reading Understanding what can go offline with the CRM Laptop Client

Notes for Mobile Clients with CRM 3.0

If you are using the CRM mobile client keep an eye out for issues related to forms and reports being too large, The following postwill help you adjust the size of the UploadReadAheadSize property. Typically you will see “http Error 413 Request too Large” This problem occurs because the UploadReadAheadSize property on the remote SQL Server Reporting Services server is set to a value that is too small.The default value for this property is 48 kilobytes (KB). Many of thereports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM exceed this size. To resolve this problem, increase the size of the UploadReadAheadSizeproperty. To do this, follow … Continue reading Notes for Mobile Clients with CRM 3.0

Restricting Visibility to CRM Reports

There are five types of report-related access you can control:  a.. Who can export data to Microsoft Office Excel.  b.. Who can add, delete, rename, and upload reports, and modify report properties and default filters.  c.. Which data each user can see. Because the data in each report is based on the user’s security role, make sure each user has the correct security roles assigned.  d.. Where reports are displayed in Microsoft CRM. By default, all reports are visible in the Reports area, reports related to a record type are visible from the area for the record type, and reports … Continue reading Restricting Visibility to CRM Reports