Emulating Windows Mobile 6.5 with networking

Today I am investigating using VOIP from mobile phones. Rather than fiddle with a phone in a testing environment I decided I would use the emulators to test things out and then once I had settled on a configuration expose an actual phone to testing.

For this type of testing, the Windows mobile 6.5 emulator can be used and this download link is useful..

Note: Emulation that requires networking uses the Virtual PC driver which is inculded in VPC 2007 and requires you to download that product as well. If you do not preinstall VPC 2007 you will be prompted with an error which leads to a stale link for the driver. Here is the VPC2007 download link:

VPC 2007 SP1 Download:

Once you have your environment correctly setup with VPC installed in order to get access to the Virtual Network Driver, you can follow these steps to configure networking on the emulated device:

  • Start the Windows Mobile Emulator
  • From the File menu > Configure
  • The ‘Emulator Properties’ dialogue box will appear
  • select the Network tab
  • check the checkbox ‘Enable NE200 PCMCIA network adapter and bing to:’
  • From the drop down box, select your physical network adapter.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button
  • In the emulated device click ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ > ‘Network Cards’
  • The ‘Configure Network Adapters’ dialogue will appear
  • In the ‘My netowrk card connects to:’ drop down select Internet or Work depending on whcih resources you want. I selected ‘Work’

Note: You can set IP and DNS servers if you do not have DHCP on your network. by clicking the network adapter.

From this point you will have access to the Internet or work network.

Jeff Loucks
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