Why small businesses use Windows Small Business Server

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We’re often talking with small business owners about their business – to understand not only their needs and usage of technology, but also what’s important to them as business owners.  Not surprisingly saving time and money, all the while providing better and differentiated service to their customers is of key importance.  Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) is really a best kept secret that is a catalyst for small businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and delight their customers because it really enables them to organize their business and communicate more effectively internally and with their customers. 


SBS 2008 is an all in one server suite designed specifically for small businesses.  It provides businesses with the technology to do the following:
·         Organize and centralize information and data so everyone can find what they need.

·         Share hardware such as printers and faxes.

·         Back-up important data and restore files.

·         Work remotely with easy and secure access to desktops, files, email and calendars from an internet connected PC or mobile phone.

·         Share files more easily across PCs and mobile devices with a company intranet 

·         Run accounting or other business software on more than one PC (SBS 2008 Premium Edition)

·         Easily set up new users, computers, and network access (or discontinue existing users and devices) as staffing levels fluctuate

·         Look professional by consolidating email accounts with your own company hosted email

·         Get better performance out of existing PC investments with centralized storage to free up memory on individual PCs.


SBS 2008 was designed specifically for businesses with 75 or fewer PCs or users – and many small businesses are benefiting from a server, even those with as few as 2 to 3 PCs.  If you’re interested you can try SBS 2008 today for free by visiting our product site. 

SBS 2008 software can be purchased through a variety of channels such as Microsoft Small Business Specialists, retailers, or preinstalled on a server.  Full solutions with server hardware can be purchased through a local  system builder or major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) such as Dell or HP for as little as $1,299.  You can visit our product site for more information on “How to Buy SBS 2008” or visit one of our partners directly.

Later this month, we will provide a business value deep dive on “Remote Working enabled by Windows Small Business Server 2008”.   We’d love to hear from you!  Please join our community on Facebook.

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