Good Job Cogeco – 2 MB/Second Download

I recently became happy with my cable provider again. For about a year the QoS and downloads have been terrible. However recent upgrades to our system are seeing the best performance I have had in 2 years. Cogeco, a Canadian Cable company, has a long history of earning our business.

I first started using cable internet in 1994. Over the years I had sent them over $25,000 of my own personal business with various levels of commercial internet. Despite being a very loyal customer recently the Service Level Agreement was not respected and outages, poor service and lack of communication caused us to bring on alternative providers while de-emphasizing the service Cogeco has provided us. That meant we cut 50% of the business we sent them while other providers made up the difference. Cogeco will likely never win that business back, but they have solidified their current business with us with recent improvements in service.

I hope the SLA will be respected and the amount of communication will go up to match the improved quality of service we are receiving at this point.

Jeff Loucks
Available Technology
Available Technology

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