Windows Server 2008 R2 Branch Office: Features to Empower the Cloud

If you are involved at all with Microsoft on a professional level, you could not miss the fact that Microsoft is lugging the Juggernaut that it is toward Cloud computing. Branch Office is a logical intermediary step in the strategy since technology that Microsoft develops here will be leveraged to connect to a platform in the cloud like Windows Azure.

Over the remainder of the month I am going to deep dive on new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Win7 as they relate to Branch Offices. I will talk about strategies for mitigating common problems and provide an in depth look at these new features. This is an introductory article on the series.

Microsoft is leveraging some of the peer-2-peer technologies we have seen evolve for allegedly legal and illegal software and music distribution through tools like Kazaa and also through initiative like IBM’s Peer to Peer Remote Copy or the European Unions P2P-Next. I first saw this type of software leveraged commercially by a gaming company about 2 years ago and Microsoft is putting it into commercial application in one of its applications of Branch Cache. The use of peer-2-peer technologies is not only a revolutionary step forward but also an acknowledgment that resources that pass through Internet are constrained and the more you can share locally with other users the less you strain that resource.

These are only a few of the ground breaking tools we have seen emerge with this new release generation and I hope you will subscribe to my blog to keep up to date on how the technologies we see in Branch Office are going to shape the future if consumers and business act the way Microsoft and others in the industry predict.

Jeff Loucks
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Available Technology

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