EBS – SharePoint – TMG and ISA – Postback and Read-Only fix

This is an early report of a fix to a problem which showed up in EBS at a client site.

First, I would like to say if you are facing this problem the fix will not be instantaneous because of a number of technologies at play.

The Problem

1) When a user goes to save a new SharePoint item such as an announcement, the page returns an error. As a result of the error, the item is not created. The page reports a Postback Error.

2) When a user uploads a document to SharePoint there is no problem. When the user then opens the document for editing  it is only available for read only. Changes to the document cannot be saved.

The Fix

 From the TMG console:

  1. Select Firewall Policy
  2. Right Click ‘Allow Authenticated Users to access SharePoint services’ and select Properties
  3. The ‘Allow Authenticated Users to access SharePoint services’ Properties dialog will appear. Select the Paths tab
  4. Click the Add Button
  5. Using the default settings add a path for  /webresource.axd*
  6. Click Apply and then OK to exit.
  7. I suggest you run IISreset on the Management server where SharePoint is located by default..
  8. Additionally you should wait fifteen minutes for TMG to update and start applying the path.

Since this is an early fix if I have updates over time I will report back. If you have different experience please touch base and leave a comment.

Jeff Loucks
Available Technology
Available Technology
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