Read Only Domain Controllers – Features and Benefits

The folowing is a list of features and benefits for read only domain controllers.


The deployment of RODC major features :

  • Unattended installation and DCPROMO changes. You install an RODC by selecting Additional Options in the DCPROMO wizard.
  • Read-Only Active Directory database. This prevents changes to the directory.
  • Unidirectional replication. Since the directory is read-only, replication only occurs to the RODC. This reduces WAN traffic.
  • Credential caching. The RODC does not store accounts but caches credentials for accounts that use it to log on. You can configure the caching policy using DCPROMO.


Here are the benefits of deploying RODC:

  • Reduced security risk to a writable copy of Active Directory.
  • Better logon times compared to authenticating across a WAN link.
  • Better access to the authentication resource on the network.
  • Better performance of directory-enabled applications.

Jeff Loucks
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Available Technology
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