Windows 7: Display settings – how to make your monitor display perfect for you

I started out troubleshooting my Logitech Webcam software which is not perfect and low and behold I stumbled across the Display Color Calibration Wizard. Now I had used this wizard with Vista 64bit but somehow and it might be DirectX11, Windows 7 is better. First the wizArd can be triggered by going to Start and typing Display Color Calibration in the search and choosing the wizard from the results.

Here is what the first page of the Display Color Calibration looks like:

Stepping through the wizard and the subsequent Cleartype Wizard which is trigger automatically, I found that text clarity and color fidelity improved substantially. When you log a lot of hours on a PC, making sure the text you read is absolutely as clear as possible makes a big difference. Especially if your eyes are not 20/20.

Here is another trick I use for those who have two monitors out there. I have two identical 20 inch LCDs. One is at a lower resolution [1024×768] and one is at a higher resolution [1680×1050].

On the one that has the higher resolution, I use it to see broader information like Internet search results, large Excel Spread Sheets, scanning trough multi page documents and for Outlook when I am looking at my inbox with lots of messages. This 10,000 foot view allows me to scan through lots of information at a glance but I am not reading anything of any length.

When it comes to reading, I drag the Window over to the lower resolution screen which automatically zooms in and increases the visual appearance of fonts and pictures. This is my detailed view where I do my reading or look at pictures for more detail. In this case you are not fumbling around with figuring out zoom percentages for each application. It is a quick magnifying glass. It sure is handy and everyone I tell about it soon converts their monitors to a similar setup.

I hope it is useful for you. With new Clarity of Vision,

Jeff Loucks
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Available Technology
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