Windows 7: What to do if you can’t find a driver

I am not one to plug companies I wouldn’t use. So know this first, I have used Driver Detective. Some people out there will be upgrading to Windows 7 and will run into problems finding a driver. Now when I ran into the this problem in the early betas of Windows 7 I spent time looking for drivers online. I used some pretty specific techniques that everyday users would find impressive but I say are just plain time consuming. And I don’t have time for it.

So for that reason I would like to introduce you to one of the greatest time savers I have ever found. Driver Detective. Sure the product once installed may be over zealous in trying to find the absolute latest driver for everything causing you an on going administrative workload that is completely unjustified, however if you can’t find a driver or your device is not working quite right, it is a jewel.

Visit the site here:

It is worth the price to get something working if you really have exhausted your patience.

Jeff Loucks
Available Technology
Available Technology
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