SQL Server – How to Determine Which Version

To determine which version of Microsoft SQL Server is running, connect to SQL Server by using SQL Server Management Studio, and then run the following Transact-SQL statement.

For SQL 2008, 2005, 2000:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’)

The following results are returned:

  • The product version (for example, 10.0.1600.22)
  • The product level (for example, RTM)
  • The edition (for example, Enterprise)

For example, the results resemble the following.

10.0.1600.22 RTM Enterprise Edition

The following table lists the Sqlservr.exe version number.

Release Sqlservr.exe
SQL Server 2008 RTM 2007.100.1600.0
SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 2007.100.2531.0
SQL Server 2005 RTM 2005.90.1399
SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 2005.90.2047
SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 2005.90.3042
SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 2005.90.4035

With SQL 2000 the data will appear as follows:

8.00.534 SP2 Standard Edition
RTM 2000.80.194.0
SQL Server 2000 SP1 2000.80.384.0
SQL Server 2000 SP2 2000.80.534.0
SQL Server 2000 SP3 2000.80.760.0
SQL Server 2000 SP3a 2000.80.760.0
SQL Server 2000 SP4 2000.8.00.2039


For more Information including SQL 7 see the following KB:


Jeff Loucks
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