Using Windows 7 Godmode to create administrative shortcuts to wizards and common functions.

In a previous post I described what is popularly know as Windows 7 Godmode. Some administrators like to find shortcuts that make their life easier and so leveraging the functions of “GodMode” this post talks about how to create shortcuts to common administrative tasks.

In this example I will show you how to create a shortcut to the “View Network Connections” windows, a commonly used administrative folder which has been isolated a bit in Windows 7.

  1. Create a folder any where on your computer named :
  2. Open the folder you just created.
  3. In the search dialog in Windows Explorer type “View Network Connections”
  4. Right click on the view network connections and click create shortcut.
  5. A shortcut to the View network connections window will be created on your desktop.

When you double click on the View Network Connections Shortcut, the window opens directly. You can now use this technique for any of wizards you want to shortcut.

For a full list of the available wizards, please see my original post.

Jeff Loucks
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Available Technology
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