Windows: The Hosts file – Three good reasons to use it.

The host file is best known by administrators for its misuse by malware creators (Pestilent Hordes). In this post I will describe the host file and three good reasons to use it. The hosts file is a non-suffixed file that resides in the following location: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc Its purpose is to help resolve names to IP addresses much like DNS. The important thing to understand about the Hosts file is that it can be used to preempt DNS queries and thus the reason why Malware providers have been known to misuse the file. Here are some legitimate uses. To find internal … Continue reading Windows: The Hosts file – Three good reasons to use it.

Dynamics CRM: Data Import removing non-printable characters

The more experienced you are with data imports the simpler you want to make the process. Last week I was at the Microsoft MVP summit in Redmond Washington. While I was there I spent a good deal of time with my Dynamics CRM MVP buddies among others. At breakfast one morning I sat with a bunch of Access MVPs. On the way back I ran into a great SQL Server MVP in the Washington Dulles airport. It was during these conversations that I realized people were using the same complex methodologies I had in the past to clean data before importing … Continue reading Dynamics CRM: Data Import removing non-printable characters

Windows Powershell Documentation Review

Want to get informaiton on powershell before almost anyone else? Help Microsoft review their new documenation which is geared for beginers to intermediate level users. Windows PowerShell Community Review Have you ever read Help that wasn’t really helpful? Here’s your chance to fix it. The Windows PowerShell documentation team and jointly sponsor the Windows PowerShell Community Doc Review. As a member, you’ll get to read and comment on the Help docs before they’re published, and work with the writers, editors, and the product team to make sure every word is really helpful. We’re looking for users at all experience … Continue reading Windows Powershell Documentation Review