Medium Business Solution Provider Competency Really provide value to partners or customers?

Medium Business Solution Provider Qualifications

Midsized business customers want partners that deeply understand their business process, infrastructure needs, and future growth costs.

[At Risk] By earning this competency you can show your customers your proven expertise in medium business market segmentation, establishing yourself as a leader among other IT generalists by offering customers the most current technology and IT solutions and focusing on what medium businesses need most. [At Risk]


Partners who achieve a competency receive a set of general or ―core‖ competency benefits (one time) and competency-specific benefits. For details on core benefits, see the section in this document entitled Competency Core Benefits. Competency-specific benefits are detailed below.





Without Essential Business Server there is no specific qualification from any of the above certifications would indicate specific Mid-Market skills. The entire category is in question if the value of certification can be simply achieved through regular certification exams which have no specific mid-market expertise. Customer references become the only differentiator which relies on a high degree of vigilance in the Microsoft Partner Organization to vet. In my experience this is not enforced and is impractical to implement or enforce.

Since this process no longer reflects a degree of differentiation as indicated above, it should be revamped. It should be revamped not because customers don’t need the skill set of a differentiated Mid-Market specialist, but because the certifications and requirement to meet this category can be achieved without any experience in the mid-market solution delivery paradigm. It would be dishonest under the current circumstances to continue this competency category since the branding associated could lead to mis-qualified or incidentally qualified partners winning deals over experienced partners who have relevant skills.

Jeff Loucks
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Available Technology

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