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In February I became the acting president of IAMCP Canada. Like many things I do in the community I often invest first and learn about the benefits later. It is a strong belief that communities in the technology field offer very high value. However, having said that IAMCP is a little different since it charges for membership and as someone who needs to understand the value of membership I wanted to embark on a systematic review of each area to be better able to explain the value to prospective members. This article is focused on a benefit brought forward by the former president Dan Medakovic.

The E-learning Portal is not all that different from what I have used through the partner site. The difference is

  • The look and feel is simpler and less difficult to navigate than the partner portal
  • I have greater access to training content and I can track my individual progress across many different courses.
  • There are a lot of free courses on relevant topics which are easy to navigate and select. I started with Clinic 6262AE Introduction of Windows Workflow Foundation using .Net 3.5 and although it was a review of technology I have been using, it was among the free content and I found value in the learning.
  • You can take elearning for certification course and track your progress through the Achievement Record

Here is a screenshot of the website navigation for the elearning portal:

Here is a screen shot of the familiar elearning course layout from ElementK:

All in all, the training benefits offer very high value to our organization which is not only trying to offer training options to our staff but also is looking for a way to track progress across both free and non-certification courses. The content is relevant and timely. The delivery method is flexible.

If you are interested in joining IAMCP Canada please contact me at IACMP@availabletech.net or by calling the President’s Hotline: 800-783-6410. You can also go to the current IAMCP portal: http://www.iamcp.org/ 

 Jeff Loucks
Available Technology
Available Technology

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