Windows Intune Beta goes live!

Windows Intune just hit the street. What is it and why should partners take a look? It is desktop management and monitoring via a cloud service. It comes burdened with windows licenses but loaded with the power to control, monitor and connect to PCs.

In my estimation it is a very light beta service with big potential. The product allows you to manage XP through Windows 7 Enterprise. Computers can be domain joined or not. All the PCs need is to have the agent installed and the and be connected to the Internet.

The interface gives you a heads up view of the PCs under management while also giving you the ability to drill down into specific issues.

The services is intended to resolve patching, licensing and malware management of PCs only excluding servers at the current time.

Here are some links:

The Product Page:

The Promotional Bus Tour Page:

Learn More about Intune: 

Partners see:

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Available Technology


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