4 days in DC planning IAMCP and WPC activities

DC is a great city and will be a fantastic host for WPC this year. After 4 days in a headlong rush with Pam Salzer and the IAMCP international crew, I can couhc this is going to be a fantastic event with Partners out front. Every detail is being wrapped up as we speak. Cheers, see you at WPC in July, http://digitalwpc.com/ Jeff LoucksAvailable Technology

Cloud Myopia – Is it affecting the way partners view Microsoft?

It has been a about 18 months that Microsoft has shifted its talking points to the cloud and maybe longer. At least one prominent partner is putting the EX in Exchange and leading the way away from Microsoft.  During the same time frame I have been hearing from partners and while looking into the cloud they have not been doing so because their clients have been driving them that way. They are not doing it because there is a good business model. This has really been a vendor driven buzz and not a market driven buzz. The question is, does Microsoft’s singular … Continue reading Cloud Myopia – Is it affecting the way partners view Microsoft?

Green IT – Moves into the realm of cost accounting

Green IT has moved over the past five years from the realm of corporate social responsibility messaging into the world of cost accounting. In short, Green IT has gone mainstream, as organizations across the board associate green not only with environmental sustainability, but also with operational savings achieved through greater business efficiency. But what is the source of this transition, and what scenarios now move organizations into planning and implementing green solutions?Read more here Jeff LoucksAvailable Technology

USB 3.0 Speed and Compatibility

USB 3.0 Speed and Compatibility Source: http://www.startech.com/University/USB3.aspx?CID=3 In late 2008, version 3.0 of the USB specification was released to the USB-IF, which enabled developers to begin implementation in future products. For a product to be classified as USB 3.0 compliant, it must meet several requirements. From a performance standpoint, two of the objectives that must be met for a product to be certified as USB 3.0 compliant are: Support for data rates of up to 5Gbps Backward compatibility with USB 2.0 SpeedWith a data transfer rate of 5Gbps – roughly 10x as fast as was specified in USB revision 2.0 … Continue reading USB 3.0 Speed and Compatibility

How to Gems from the EBS team!

Windows Essential Business Server Team Blog : Our Technical Findings While Developing EBS v2: http://blogs.technet.com/essentialbusinessserver/archive/2010/04/07/our-technical-findings-while-developing-ebs-v2.aspx During the development of EBS v2, we tackled quite a few challenges in integrating Microsoft server technologies. We developed solutions and workarounds, proved them through exhaustive testing, and implemented them in EBSv2. Due to external factors, EBS v2 did not release to public. Therefore, we decided to gather some of our solutions and findings, and share it with our community. 1. Performing an ‘isolated’ installation of Exchange 2010 There is no supported way to rollback a failed Exchange installation from the forest. However, there is … Continue reading How to Gems from the EBS team!