Aurora Sheds Light on Public Skies

In case you missed it, a new server solution for the SMB space has cracked open the door of its private enclave. The Aurora is lighting up where there was nothingaurora-borealis-photo_7289[1] but NDA darkness before.  The party within is attracting people who want to see what is going on inside. Let this mystical product that has been lingering in subtext of MVP non-disclosure talk simplify some of the basic needs of every day business users.

I call is a stepping stone product that helps businesses manage their data locally while leveraging the  Cloud to promote redundancy and agility.

Here is the private announcement that connect users see about what has gone public.

If you haven’t already signed up for the preview, you can visit the connect site and get signed up.

Public Preview

Aurora Sample Screen


Windows Small Business Server code name "Aurora" Public Preview is now available!

Please read the Release Notes before you install the preview.  Also, note that this build is for evaluation purposes only.  You should not install this in a production environment. Microsoft does not support installing in these environments.

The following is available for the "Aurora" Public preview:

Product keys for the Aurora Preview are available here

Submitting Feedback

To submit feedback on either Aurora or any of our previously release products, please click feedback on the left pane and choose the appropriate bug form.

Make sure to include the following in your feedback:

  • Repro steps for the issue you are experiencing, including:

    • A through description of the issue

    • The hardware configuration of your server and/or client PCs

  • The result you expected and what you actually experienced

  • A screenshot of the issue – for any user interface or display issues

  • For Aurora bugs, use the Log Collector Tool to provide the logs needed to investigate the bug

Additional Resources

The following resources are available for more information on Windows Small Business Server:


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Available Technology

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