307 MPH / 494 KPH Electric Vehicle Speed Record

wheels-Buckeye-Bullet-blogSpan[2]On August 27th electrons which could otherwise have power the worlds longest laptop battery life powered the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 to a 307 MPH EV land speed record. The Buckeye project lead by David Cooke, Ohio State’s team manager may not be certified by FIA who rejected a 2004 record made by the same team. It will be a couple of weeks before FIA may officially sanction the record.

The Team

The team’s 2.5 initiative was sponsored in part by Venturi, a French electric vehicle company, which produced 25 examples of a two-seat, 300,000-euro coupe called the Fetish during the last decade. The record run in the 2.5 was piloted by Roger Schroer, a “professional tester with the Transportation Research Center in Ohio,” said Mr. Cooke.

Buckeye Bullet-Ohio State Team Picture

The Power

A123 Battery Power for tools The team traveled to the salt flats primarily to gauge its new battery unit’s performance, designed by A123 Systems of Watertown, Mass. Founded in 2001, A123Systems’ proprietary Nanophosphate™ technology is built on a new nanoscale materials initially developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A123Systems is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-power lithium ion batteries designed to deliver a new combination of power, safety and life.

Venturi FetishThe Sponsor

The Car is sponsored by French EV automaker Venturi who is currently selling 300,000 Euro performance vehicles aptly called the Fetish.  The company also makes utility trucks styled after a common PSA Peugeot Citroën design.

The Crossover

The notebook market has pioneered more research into battery life and energy density than any other field. Electric Vehicles will see greater and greater emphasis on weight to power ratios. With companies like A123 primarily focused on the commercialization of university research in automotive and tools sectors we may soon see notebook life influenced by the quest to be the fastest EV vehicle over the Bonneville salt flats. As these two industries accelerate to new records consumers will benefit from better and better forms of mobile power.

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Available Technology
Available Technology

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