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This article is a summary of the available information about the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is expected to be the end of 2010 is available and released to beta yesterday.

Introduction of the ‘ribbon ‘

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will be just like the related Microsoft Office application are going to make full use of the so-called ribbon menu such as the following illustration shows. The Ribbon bar will make Microsoft Dynamics CRM even easier.


Structure of the form

The main screen of an entity (form) does not contain any tabs anymore, but all parts are in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will be shown below each other.

In addition, it is possible as a CRM application administrator to view records of related entities from this version (for example, service notifications on the form of a new entity called ‘ Tower ‘ as shown below).



A frequent desire of users is the use of dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Version 2011 offers the possibility to do so, which of course uses the Microsoft Silverlight technology.


Settings & Adjustments

Starting with version 2011 is the customization section will be expanded to include a link to Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, where changes can be downloaded. It also shows the possible use of ‘ solutions ‘, a new 2011 concept that is discussed later in this topic.

In the list of available entities has been chosen for the much easier tree-like structure. As a result, the management easier.

In the entities is per field be whether this should be included in the audit (logging) procedure. Previously only on entity level. Be determined so that changes to account name should be logged, but other changes to the account is not.

Finally, it will be possible to ‘ drag and drop ‘ fields on forms to place, indicating the current labor-intensive method is hereby repealed.


2011 With Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the solution concept introduced, which means, which is a combination of adjustments, plug ins, workflows and, where appropriate, other components is packaged in a zip file, then import it into a customer relationship management (CRM) 2011 system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is able to provide Solutions to both import and export.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has default integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for document management. SharePoint as a document management tool for CRM is finally here.

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Available Technology

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