Sizing the Page File for Hyper-V Host Server

Like many things in the Hyper-V world understanding and attributing resources is extremely important. The page file is an important aspect of debugging servers and can in some instances allow servers to handle situations which temporarily exceed the physical memory of the server. Without rehashing the importance of the page file, in this post I will try to give reference and personal opinion on page file size and the thinking behind the conclusions. It is important to note that no significant testing or guidance exists to my knowledge at the time of writing about sizing page files which is based … Continue reading Sizing the Page File for Hyper-V Host Server

Office Spell 2010 Spell Check not Working

I ran into a strange problem with spell check. Seems it had stopped working for no apparent reason. Here is what I found that fixed it. a. Close Word and any other open applications. b. Click on Start | Run | Open and type "regedit" (without the quotation marks). c. If the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override exists, delete it. d. Exit the Registry Editor. e. Restart your computer I validated that on most computers the Override key does not exist. I am not sure Office 2010 beta placed these keys as it expired. Hope this helps if you find the … Continue reading Office Spell 2010 Spell Check not Working

Windows Virtual PC – VPC.exe consumes 100% of one core

After most of a month troubleshooting, windows support comes through. Jim M from the Microsoft Customer Support  is dedicated and provided excellent support through out. To be accurate the reason this took so long is because I initially thought it might be a problem with the SP1 beta which I had installed. The issue is that VPC was consuming 100% of the CPU of one core. The challenge is that this is a by design solution which in my opinion was the wrong approach to solving another problem described in KB 981285. So in troubleshooting a problem with the VPC … Continue reading Windows Virtual PC – VPC.exe consumes 100% of one core

Xbox, PS3 and WII have more impact than iPad

In a panel related to media consumption, Netflix CEO said the iPad is insignificant. Claiming the apple latops outstrip iPad by a wide margin and Windows based laptops are a massive portion of the market. For significant device trends in media consumption Reed Hastings said in a panel discussion “the impact of Xbox, PS3, the Wii phenomenon–huge impact Read more:” Netflix has added 2 million subscribers in the last quarter.