Windows Small Business Server 2011 releases to Manufacturing – Small Businesses Run Faster

It is time to slip on the right pair of runners for your business. Don’t cheap out on your feet if you are in for a marathon and today’s business has to be geared for a triathlon.  fit-640x480[1] When it is mind and soul that makes your business run, the technology that keeps you going is Small Business Server 2011. Perhaps the most essential product for Small Businesses over more than a decade, Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 is the next latest and greatest version of the suite of software that makes small businesses work like big businesses. With its light weight and dynamic infrastructure, SBS 2011 has been setting businesses apart since the late 90’s.

It is a product that has evolved over time faster than its competitors leaving others to catch up. The integration of best practices makes the solution the standard for comparison when talking about effective small business networks.

So, why is this important to a small business owner with fewer than 75 business01[1] employees? Because when you are looking to solve a vast array of technical challenges which require a better network operating system, email and collaboration, you can rely on SBS 2011 to be the brand that gives you confidence you are making the right investment. In order for technology to empower your business and make your employees more agile, you need to have the right infrastructure in the office and through the internet. SBS 2011 is that foundation bridging the gap between your office and your mobile users.

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