Dynamics CRM 2011 Auditing Capabilities OOBE

Back in August I gave a talk for the CRMUG about auditing. If you are a CRM user or partner you really should consider joining the user group since they offer great value for free and a lot of value added content for reasonable annual membership. Here are the slides for the presentation which was recorded and is available to members of the UG. Hope that helps, if you need more details please join the UG and view the whole recording. Jeff Loucks

Windows Server OS Support by Product Number HP and Dell

Ever wondered which server model numbers support the operating system your are going to deploy. I found these handy webpages for Dell and HP which lists models with supported operating systems. Operating System Support Matrix for Dell PowerEdge Systems Windows support for HP ProLiant Servers Another great resource is the Windows Server Catalog which will tell you about the Microsoft ‘Certified’ and ‘Works With’ status of other servers. http://www.windowsservercatalog.com/ The Windows Server Catalogue also lists the status of a number of third party software packages. Hope this helps Jeff Loucks

Midmarket Silver partners pay better according to Redmond channel magazine

An interesting insight captured from the salary survey released by RCPMag is that Midmarket Silver Partners pay higher than their counterparts. Another interesting insight is that ISVs and System Integrators are roughly similar in what they pay while other partner categories trail significantly. You can read the whole article here: http://rcpmag.com/articles/2011/06/01/salary-survey-2011.aspx Jeff Loucks

Skype officially joins the Microsoft suite of products

Microsoft and Skype made it through the hoops to join hands in servicing the communication needs of businesses and consumers alike. It was good timing for both companies. My view is that Skype had reached its pinnacle as an independent service and the road to continued growth was paved by its ability to integrate with products like Microsoft used by millions of users worldwide. For Microsoft it is acquiring massive amounts of new clients to offer feature enhanced services is a veritable strategic coups. Growth would have been slowed for each of these two companies as the competed for the … Continue reading Skype officially joins the Microsoft suite of products

Why Middle men is an important film in the IT Industry

It may not be pure. It may not be a dramatic master piece however Middle Men represents an important fundamental of business over the Internet. The payment system. As a key component of how services are offered the film describes how the payment system came to light and how the confidence of the consumer is quintessential in making services consumable over the Internet. It will draw to your attention several aspects of consumer confidence which might not seem evident out of the gate. The film is offered on Netflix now and what better way to view a movie about payment … Continue reading Why Middle men is an important film in the IT Industry

Free Online Training

Microsoft has a number of great resources to help you in areas of professional development and access to software. The Microsoft Virtual Academy contains some fantastic FREE online training on hot topics for IT Professionals. Once you’ve stopped by and tried out a course or two — head on over to the Microsoft Eval Center to download copies of their server products to try out in your lab environment. And while you’re at it, check out this free Microsoft Office 365 ebook by Katherine Murray, it shows you how you can use cloud computing to help get more done and … Continue reading Free Online Training

Microsoft Licensing the insiders review for home and work

One of the areas Microsoft has always feedback on is Licensing. Whether you need to buy one license from a traditional retail store or explore options for a more flexible volume licensing program, it can be confusing and sometimes downright intimidating to figure out what you need. The following is a list Microsoft believes will help with highlighted resources you can use to help figure out exactly what you need when you talk with your software reseller. Speaking of licensing – when it comes to virtualization and competitive claims at a more cost effective Virtualization solution for your server rooms. … Continue reading Microsoft Licensing the insiders review for home and work

Beware of Phone Scams – How to keep your Windows PC Protected

The following is a great list of resources for everyday folks that IT pros use when looking to keep the PCs they manage at optimal performance. Recently there have been a growing number of Phone Scams from individuals claiming to be from Microsoft asking you about the security of your PC. You should be suspicious of unsolicited calls about security of your systems. Don’t give out financial details, visit websites, allow anyone to remote control your system or install software from unsolicited callers. If you feel your system has been compromised or has a computer virus – you can call … Continue reading Beware of Phone Scams – How to keep your Windows PC Protected

Help and Support from Microsoft

“I have fallen and I can’t get up!” It is a cry for help that shouldn’t go unanswered. Peers support groups like IAMCP and other community groups are always a great mix of real world expertise and practical answers. Having said that, Microsoft provides the following resources to help with your common, everyday IT challenges. Based on feedback and constructive criticism, Microsoft Canada has identified key areas where they can improve and help you by providing better resources to answer your questions, solve your real world problems and help you achieve your business goals. Microsoft is listening. Maybe it’s just … Continue reading Help and Support from Microsoft