Xbox getting vocal – Voice Remote through Kinnect

Xbox is releasing the promised voice integration with Bing Search and a host of TV and entertainment features. Now with XBox and Kinnect people will be able to search TV content, games, Netflix, the internet and more simply by using voice commands.

For those of you who have been following Microsoft’s voice enabled features and products, you know the power these have brought for years to mobile phones, phone systems, Exchange mail integration, the Windows OS and so on. However this is the first use of voice in the home entertainment room which brings together so much functionality.

My personal thought is there will be challenges using this interface with a crowd of people and a lot of background noise. However anything that means I don’t have to go looking for the remote, a device which I swear has grown legs, is a welcome addition.

Perhaps what is most interesting about Kinnect and now the voice integration is all of the unintended and much encouraged experimentation that goes on in the hacking community. We have seen everything from robots to video surgery leverage the technology in new ways. Launching the voice integrated search engine in an inexpensive console is a powerful new opportunity for innovation.

Jeff Loucks

Chief Strategic Architect | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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